5-Step Pom Pom Centerpiece from Tissue Paper Tutorial

5-Step Pom Pom Centerpiece from Tissue Paper TutorialI am still getting ready for my little girls birthday balloon party. Here is the cute hello kitty invite and the pinterest inspiration board for the event.  For a centerpieces I created these pom pom tissue paper diy centerpieces.  A quick, easy, and cheap way to make a little girls birthday special.  I am sure you could do the same thing with different colors for other party themes.  

See these finished centerpieces at the party!  These are very inexpensive and look big and fun.  
  * 6 Pieces of Tissue paper
  * String or wire
  * Scissors
Step 1. Tissue Paper– Lay 6 pieces of tissue paper on the table.  The top layer is the layer that will be in the middle of the flower. 

 Step 2: Accordion– Fold the paper in accordion style about an inch each way. Yes I was wearing a heart robe when I created this tutorial :).  I made this after I put our little girl to bed before her big day (it is that easy). 


 Step 3: Tie Off– Tie with string or what ever you can find in the center.  You can fold the paper in half to find the center. 

Step 4: Cut edge– Cut edge in a round way.  Don’t worry it does not need to be perfect.  Just try not to have gauged edges.  Craft scissors would give this a neat effect too! 


 Step 5: Lay Out– Lay out on table 


Step 6: Lift Up- Start lifting each layer towards you.  Don’t be afraid to put hard.  The center piece should be tight so you don’t see the center. 


Paper Flower Pom (Set of 7) Color: Melon Pink

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