EveryPlate Review – Lisa Rusczyk

I am going to start getting food boxes and review them for you as we try them as a family of 4.  Our kids are currently age 6 and 3.

I got this EveryPlate in the mail.  I decided on the 2 person plan, with $20 off for $18 for 3 dinners.  I thought I could add spaghetti or rice for the girls to expand the dinners.

I had to put in my information before I could even see the meals that are available.  I thought for this price, why not? I could only choose between 4 meals, and there was a premium option for $3 more a serving.  You can see the choices above.

They let me choose a few dates and this is the shipping time:


Make changes before Saturday, September 1.

Ordering was a pretty simple process.  Add my address and credit card, pick a date, pick from a few options and then wait.  I am excited to get my package in the mail!

If you would like to try Everyplate, you will also get $20 off and I will get $20.  Here is the code to use:  https://www.everyplate.com/plans?c=LISRUS&utm_campaign=clipboard&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=raf-share

Other Codes and Deals:

Home Chef:




Hello Fresh:


Are you interested in other discounts? 

Air Filter: Easy Filter Discount: http://fbuy.me/j7LPs

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