How to Make Iced Coffee With a Keurig

How to Make Ice Coffee With a Keurig

Lisa Rusczyk ❤️, Author, Blogger, Stay at Home Mom & Ed. D.


Sometimes you can’t get to your favorite coffee shop.  My personal favorite is Avenue 209 in Lock Haven, PA.  My husband came up with this easy recipe and I even have my coffee this way now.

  • Chocolate Syrup or Carmal
  • Milk of your choice
  • Coffee ice cubes (after you make a normal coffee use the same k cup again and put it in an ice cube tray)
  • Coffee of your choice

I start with the first three ingredients on the list and then put it under the Keurig like a normal cup of coffee.  Then you can have iced coffee on a warm day.  We get these K-Cups for less than $.34 each with Amazon Prime free shipping, and 20% off with subscribe and save.

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