The Nursery is Ready for our New Little One

Girls Travel Theme Nursery Blue White and GrayThe baby is on her way.  Here are some pictures of her nursery with places you can find the items if you are interested.  This time I wanted to go with a travel theme with no pink.  I love how it turned out.  The room is very relaxing.  The rocker points right to the window so I can enjoy the view while I am there.  I am so excited to have her live in the room and I can’t wait to spend time there too.

If you are interested in where I bought the crib crown, this is a one of a kind.  The item is actually plastic and was used the other way around as a wall table.  I found it at Market Haus and Grove in Lock Haven, PA.  But it was a one of a kind piece there.  I then spray painted it.  My Dad came up with a screw system with L brackets to put it on the wall.  I then put sheer curtains on a piece of hula hoop that we happened to have laying around from another project.

Girls Travel Theme Nursery Blue White and Gray

You may notice that some things may be missing from the nursery.  I decided to no go with a mobile.  I read that they can be distracting over a crib when the baby is sleeping.  In another spot I read that they are more for decoration for the parents and not the babies.  So I decided this time we would not use one. Then I can have more direct eye contact with my baby.Girls Travel Theme Nursery Blue White and Gray

You may be surprised to know that this room is only 10 feet by 10 feet.  This is the smallest room in our house.
Girls Travel Theme Nursery Blue White and Gray

Girls Travel Theme Nursery Blue White and GrayGirls Travel Theme Nursery Blue White and Gray

Girls Travel Theme Nursery Blue White and Gray
My husbands Uncle John made the amazing dresser/chaining table and shelf.  We love them so much and we will know this will last her a long time.  I picked out the hardware from Lowes.  I love the detail on the drawer pulls that I found.  I like how there are small drawers on top for easy storage. Girls Travel Theme Nursery Blue White and Gray
Girls Travel Theme Nursery Blue White and Gray Girls Travel Theme Nursery Blue White and Gray

Girls Travel Theme Nursery Blue White and GrayAnother item that I did not have this time is a crib bumper.  The American Academy of Pediatrics has guidelines that recommends not using them.  There is not evidence that they help children and they can cause suffocation.  That is why you will find no toys or blankets in the crib.Girls Travel Theme Nursery Blue White and Gray

Since I made the room travel theme, I had to add my book Charlie the Cavalier Travels the World.  This book has many images of the world that I can share with the baby and my daughter and then show them where they are on the large map on the wall.

Girls Travel Theme Nursery Blue White and Gray
I also wanted to talk about this company that I did not even know existed until recently Aden + Anais.  I had a winter baby last time.  But this time she will be born in June.  This company has great light weight products.  This includes large 47 x 47 inch soft blankets that babies can breath through that I hope to use as a nursing cover, blanket, carrier cover, and burp cloth.  They also have many other items such as changing pad covers, blankets, bibs and swaddles.  After doing some research  you can find these items in this fabric other places, but they will not be as soft and will not last as many washings.  I hope to use and wash these blankets often so I went with the Aden + Anais brand.  You can find them less expensive .  When I ordered the swaddles I got the Amazon Credit Card which made all 4 only $12 with shipping.  I get them in the mail today and I am really excited. Girls Travel Theme Nursery Blue White and GrayI love that the room feels calm and the clutter is hidden.  I also have hanging storage in the closet.  The map is so much fun because there is detail.  I learn more about the world each time I look at it.  My husband is a map guy and I know that my daughters will learn from it too.  We love to travel and I am sure we will make it to many places as a family.  This map is for hope of future travel since I have not been traveling as often due to the pregnancy and new born baby.

I will warn against the beautiful crib crown.  Make sure the baby can not pull this down on themselves when they are sleeping.  Also, the fabric should be washed often to remove allergens.Girls Travel Theme Nursery Blue White and Gray


Here is a list of items from the room if you are interested.  Most are affiliate links to Amazon.

Here is our first daughters nursery and this is what I did to change it to a toddler room. If you would like to take a peek of some new ideas I have them on my pinterest baby board.

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